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March 2, 2019 kicks off the new season for G.O.D.! Register today by emailing and let us know you want to register. Classes meet twice a month. If you register before March you will get 25% off! Space is limited so join today!

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Read what our current G.O.D. guests are saying:

- "This is what every girl needs, I love this concept"  Ms. A.

-"This group is fantastic, I would love my daughter to join an empowerment class!"- Ms. J

- "I love this idea."- Ms. A

-" My daughter was so excited after joining this group, she can not wait for the next meeting." - Ms. D- 

- Its FANTASTIC news! We cant wait! Ms. J

- "Nashima, this is a great thing you are doing!" Ms.C

- "You should bring your program to Newark, our girls need this too!" Ms. B

- "Will you have a program like this for little boys too? I love this concept!" Ms. P

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Sign up before March 1st, 2019 and get  25% off your registration. 

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Nashima Harvey, Co-Founder of Girls of Decision is featured in an article by UpJourney, The Amsterdam News and the New Pittsburgh Courier Online check it out:


The Amsterdam News and The New Pittsburgh Courier Online:


In what town do you have your group meetings?  We meet in Union City at an undisclosed location. Meeting location(s) are for G.O.D. members only. 

Does it cost to be a member of G.O.D.? Our program is definitely a project from the heart, however this project costs money to sustain. G.O.D. has a low introductory price of $12.50 an hour. Our Little Decision Makers will meet for a minimum of two hours each Saturday. 

Does this program provide lunch? Actually we provide light snacks and drinks. We welcome parents to bring healthy lunches for their children. 

Do we need to bring any materials for this program? Yes, your child will need a pencil, notebook ( *optional crayons, markers and rulers) 

What will my child do in this program? Contact Nashima at to schedule a 15 minute discovery session about the program.

About Us Learn why education is important!

Who we are

Girls Of Decision is an empowering  youth organization for elementary school girls. If your daughters are indecisive and need help making strong decisions for them!

G.O.D. is a great place to build your daughter's self esteem and build happy, healthy social relationships with other young decision makers. 

The Founder and Lead Decision Maker

If you are reading this, you must be a "Decision Maker" !  My name is Nashima Harvey, Ed.M and I am not only a "Decision Maker" but I am also  an educator for almost 20 years and I truly love it!!! Currently I operate an educational services business and adult learning program in New Jersey.I am a proud parent of three children, two young adult males and a young "decision maker" daughter who is also my G.O.D. business partner. My passion is building an educational  bridge of learning and holistic understanding for all who desire it! I look forward to working with your young "Decision Maker" join us today! Space is limited.